The Rotisserie

Situated in the heart of Raffles Place, if you are here for lunch on weekdays do arrive early or risk not finding a seat.

Walking to my table, I noticed that almost everyone was having roast chicken. Majority wins, so that’s what I chose too.

The quarter roasted chicken with sides of either chips, vegetables or salad cost $10 nett.  

The chicken with brown sauce was tender, its skin not overly salty, oily or fatty. I chose vegetables as my side, and it comprised a nice variety of cauliflower gratin, peas, sweet corn and mashed potatoes.

They serve other meats too such as fish and chips, pork knuckle and pork ribs, as well as rolls (although I did spot a housefly hovering about the rolls..)

All in all, a good place to go for a simple, no-frills, western meal. None of that fancy schmancy stuff, just solid grub.

The Rotisserie
51 Telok Ayer Street
#01-01 China Square Food Centre
Tel: 6224 5486
Open Mon – Fri 7.30am – 10.30pm; Sat 10.30am – 10.30pm


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