I’m sure everyone (and their mother) has visited Marche, the Swiss market concept restaurant.

But I think many of us, myself included, have kinda forgotten about it and chosen to eat at all the other new restaurants sprouting up everywhere.

Recently I decided to pay the restaurant a visit and it brought back so much memories!

The food was just as good as before, especially the very filling savoury crepes, well-marinated roast chicken leg, and of course the crisp rosti, succulent sausages and sinful pork knuckles! The desserts were great too, including the bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce (with specks of vanilla beans) and creamy chocolate mousse.

The open airy eating space and very friendly service also put me in a relaxed and good mood.

Want to re-live the good ol’ days when Marche’s card payment system (where you charge your purchases to a card that is handed to you at the entrance, then pay based on what your card has chalked up when you exit at the cashier) seemed super high-tech and you had your first unforgettable taste of rosti (mashed potatoes and fries, step aside!) in Singapore?

Why not pay Marche a visit? I know I’ll be back again soon!

Marche VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, Sky Park
Singapore 098585
Open Mon – Fri 11am – 11pm; Sat and Sun 10am – 11pm
Also at 313@somerset and Raffles City Shopping Centre


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