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Pagi Sore

Our must-haves are the tender and savoury Ayam Bali (marinated charcoal-grilled chicken) and the utterly sinful Tahu Telor (deep-fried bean curd topped with omelette). I cannot help but order these two dishes every time we visit.

We also had Ayam Gulai (Indonesian-style curry chicken with herbs) which was quite average and Tumis Buncis Belachan (stir-fried french beans with belachan chilli), and ended with a most wonderfully simple buttery dessert of Alpukat (blended avocado topped with palm sugar and ice shavings).

I must say the french beans were the highlight this round. They tasted so fresh and were cooked to the perfect timing – crunchy, yet not raw-tasting.

You may need a reservation if you visit for weekday lunch.  Go on a Saturday night if you prefer a quieter meal. 

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Indonesian food, so I don’t really know how “authentically Indonesian” this may be.  But, good food is universal, right? And this definitely fits the bill of good food.

Pagi Sore
88/90 Telok Ayer Street
Far East Square
Singapore 048470
Open 11am – 2.30pm and 6-9pm